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Why we do what we do

In the first place we love to make music about our own experiences and true emotions. We all have demons we have to battle. But whatever it is that nurtures your soul, you can achieve it as long as you believe in yourself!

We strive for positivity, self-help, self-belief and try to make at least a small impact every single day.

Bringing you closer to our music and message is meant to encourage you to fight for your dreams, motivate you to always try one more time and live your life at the fullest!

What Fans Are Saying

"This band reminds me of a mix of early Escape The Fate & Falling In Revers in the best way. Kudos!"
- Robert Moore, USA

"Kindest band I know. They 100% care about their fans! Their songs are very melodic and clean vocals are mixed with perfectly placed screams."
- Ralf Eschl, DE

"These guys are phenomenal! I see huge things coming in their future!!"
- Anjelic Helton, USA

"Not just is their music a pleasure to listen to, their attitude towards their fans is something you do not always see."
- Amanda Chamberlain, UK

About The Edge Of Reason

Emotional rocky Post-Hardcore with a pinch of synth. Based on our own struggles our songs describe very serious problems while our music and performance convey: "Now you know why you feel this way. Now you can do better!"

The Edge Of reason

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