11 Songs of Emotional Post-Hardcore

Broken But Not Torn
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What Fans Are Saying

"This band reminds me of a mix of early Escape The Fate & Falling In Revers in the best way. Kudos!"
- Robert Moore, USA

"These guys are phenomenal! I see huge things coming in their future!!"
- Anjelic Helton, USA

"Not just is their music a pleasure to listen to, their attitude towards their fans is something you do not always see."
- Amanda Chamberlain, UK

About The Edge Of Reason

The Edge Of Reason is an Emotional Post-Hardcore band based in South Germany.

Over the last 3 years The Edge Of Reason have toured in Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland & Germany. They have released 2 Albums and several singles.

The singles "River" and "Come True" out of their second album STING reached #40 and #37 in the iTunes Rock Charts.
It was mastered by none other than Joey Sturgis, who has already done some magic on the sound for bands like Asking Alexandria or I See Stars.

Since singer Ro Seven has to battle his inner demons every single day, it is especially important to them to reach out to those who are struggling with their lives. They take great care of their fans and answer almost every personal message on social media. Their lyrics deal mostly with mental barriers, the fight with reality and the insatiable desire to change these.

Mental health matters!

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